Exciting news for "Sweetness" Fans!

I've decided to write a companion novel. It's going to be about Conrad's life and will pick up where he left off in Sweetness. If you are a fan of Conrad, then you will be able to see more of his life! I'm excited to write more about him and show how it is to raise a two year old while trying to graduate from college.

I couldn't leave my characters just yet, so I decided on a companion novel. Now, I have no clue when it could release because I've just started it and I'm not sure how Conrad will take with me.

In other book news, Don't Panic and my other untitled WIP's are coming along great! I figured out what my problem was. I wasn't picturing everything in my mind before I sat down to write it. Glad for things to be moving more smoothly now.

What books are you enjoying this week? Are you currently writing something?