Title: Rejection
Authors: Jennifer Roberts-Hall and myself
Publication: TBA

Who: Rejection will star main character, Elizabeth aka Liz Archer along with a few others, which are listed below:

Logan McCarthy, Liz's ex-boyfriend
James/Jamie Porter, Liz's new co-worker
Victoria Archer, Elizabeth's mother.
Richard Archer, Elizabeth's father.
Callie Jones, Liz's BFF
Kate Jones, Callie's mom

What is it about?
Elizabeth Archer has been living the life her parents picked out for her for far too long. Once she realizes that her life is not of her own making, she finds the courage to step up and start living on her terms. Will those choices end in rejection and failure, or will Elizabeth find the love and success she’s always dreamed were waiting for her?

So, what's the verdict? What do you think about this new WIP?