I've been MIA. Here's why:

I extended my break from writing for one. Two, school has started and I am ROCKING that! Three, my grandma suffered from a heart attack and has been in the hospital.

Let's start with reason number one. I wasn't reading to jump back in so I extended it. Luckily, I'm dying to write and I'm jumping in feet first!

Thursday was the first day of school. Before I could leave the house, I threw up from my nerves. My chest was killing me with pain as I drove to school - a ride I don't remember. Once I sat down, I only had a couple of panicky moments throughout the day. Yesterday, I only had one class, but I had a test. I didn't even think about my anxiety. Again, I ROCKED that!

Please keep my grandma in your thoughts and prayers. She's going to have a couple of surgeries and one of them is Monday. She's a strong and stubborn lady so I am expecting great results.

That's all I wish to share. Thank you for sticking with me! I hope to have a DP teaser for y'all soon!