The Waiting Game

It sucks. It really does, but patience is supposed to be a virtue, right? Well, that's what I'm counting on as I exercise my patience.

You see, I've got a lot of goals and dreams right now. These goals/dreams will take time to come into effect and I'm just tired of waiting.

Today, though. Today, I gained some strength as I wrote about Samantha (DP's MC) and her strength.

I want to go to England.
I want to move out.

Those are my top to things on my to-do list. However, after weeks of thinking and evaluating, I've come to a decision.

Save money. Do those things later.

Right now, my focus is to save money. For taxes, for England, and for moving out. First things first, though.

Moving out: I was planning on this February, but I decided it would be best to just save the money I would have spent if I moved out and use that money for when I move to Raleigh to finish up my degree in two years.

I'm still going to England in June. I'm just need to be very selective about what I spend my money on so I can make this possible. As of right now, it's not happening and I have to make this work.

If I can set aside three grand a month, I will be set to accomplish these daunting tasks. The problem? Making enough money to save that and still pay bills. That's right. I'm eighteen and I have bills. Don't underestimate that like some I know do.

So if you take anything away from the jabber I just wrote, take this: Wait. If you can wait and still want those things, you have a better chance at accomplishing it. Just don't wait longer than necessary. At the same time, take action while you are figuring things out so you can better accomplish them.