Next Top Project After Always?

In case y'all missed it, Always is in the stages of getting prepared for publication. I haven't declared a pub date yet because I still have a few things to finalize before I can make that decision.

What's in the works?

Whenever I need a break from the Top Project, I work on one of my various projects. You've heard about a few of them with my recent blog posts and boards on Pinterest. There's a WIP that dives into a dark side of anxiety, a love triangle project, a New Adult paranormal and a NA romance trilogy to give you a few ideas.

But what's the Top Project?

My next main focus is going to be the fifth book in the Bold as Love series. I don't want to take as long to get the next installment to you, but I can't promise anything. I'm hoping that I can get book five written over the summer. I'm really excited about that one and it's definitely a huge motivation.

Before I wrap this post up, I do want to thank all of my readers for the love, support, and patience. I can't wait to share Always with you all. Happy readings everyone!