WIP Progress Report (#14)

To recap, these "progress reports" are basically a way for y'all to know a little more about what I'm working on and to be able to follow along with the process. The main update will be on my current WIP, but at the end, there will be quick updates on other projects. 


- Title: Untitled
- Genre: Hockey Romance
- Word Count/Goal: 43,339/80,000
- Release Date: Sometime in 2017
- Series? Part of the Carolina Rebels series

In the last WIP Progress Report, I was working on the novella that comes prior to Ian's book. There's a lot of backstory with Ian, which is why I thought he needed a prequel novella. That's sitting in a corner somewhere while I'm working on his book. This past week, I hit the halfway point of the book (based on my word count goal), so yay! I need to keep my pace up, especially since I'm about to double my workload for a little bit. (You'll see why in the Other Projects section).

The first draft is set to be complete by the end of December, but I'm hoping to have it done before then if I'm lucky. *fingers crossed* I just need the holidays and school to be minimum distractions. Someone (and yeah, I mean me unfortunately) didn't time this deadline very well for the writing to occur during two holidays. It'll get done, though. No worries! :)

I'll also start the cover process soon, so :D Can't wait for that! Be sure to join my Facebook group, Lindsay's League, or sign up for my newsletter in order to see all the news first!

Other Projects:
- I still need to get started on those secret mini projects. I should be ashamed of myself that I haven't started yet, but it's been crazy lately, so I've been focusing on my main WIP instead. Good thing these don't really have a deadline!
- While working on this book, I also need to work on edits for Because It's You. Just call me a multi-tasking queen. :)