WIP Progress Report (#16)

- Title: Untitled
- Genre: Secret project means no details!
- Word Count/Goal: 3943/?
- Release Date: Secret project, remember?
- Series? SECRET! 

Well, I'll be. I'm still ahead of schedule.


So much so that I have 3 projects in various parts of the pre-publication stage (stay tuned because I'll announce details soon!) and I have time to work and focus on my secret side projects (there are two, but currently working on only one) before I have to work on the next book.

In the last update, I was working on revisions of Ian's stories and was about to start the next couple as well as the secret projects. Well, the couple after Ian (who is after Marc) is done for the moment. More details to come at a later date. The couple will be announced after Marc's book is released.

Now, I'm working on my secret projects. There are two. I obviously can't tell y'all anything because they are a SECRET. You can't know anything! 

You can know that I'm working on something y'all will hopefully like and want. Once it's done, I'll tell more. I want to make sure I can get these written before I say too much.

Other Projects:
Because It's You releases on 2/20! I share teasers every Tuesday on social media and add all of them to Pinterest, so you can catch up if you've missed any of them. 

- Ian's covers are almost done! I will be sharing them first in Lindsay's League, next in my newsletter, and then everywhere else soon after that. If you want to see them first (and trust me, they look FANTASTIC!), then either join my Facebook group or sign up for my newsletter, or both!