Happy 7 years to us!

October 15th is a special day in my household. It’s an anniversary date and a birthday.

In 7 years, I’ve released 43 books, 20 of them with Mary Smith. I’ve traveled for book signings, met readers, and I’ve been able to sustain myself, even taking a few trips to see hockey games. I would not have been able to do any of that, if not for you, my dear reader. Thank you for your support, love, and friendship. I hope to see you in another seven years!

Now, I also mentioned a birthday.

Bartley turns 7 today. It was meant to be that he was my dog, considering the coincidence that he was born when my first book released, even though I didn’t find him until three months later. I’m very thankful for the seven years we’ve spent together; he’s my little buddy and sometimes, it feels like it’s me and him against the world. Even though he likes to worry me with his health condition, I hope I can come back on his fourteenth birthday and celebrate it with y’all as well. :)

I’m sitting with my grandma today while she recovers from her fractured ribs, but I’m thinking some sugar cookies and an extra treat for Bartley is exactly how we’ll celebrate!

Why don’t you do a little something to treat yourself and celebrate with us! Tell us how you’re celebrating in the comments. :)