The Bold as Love series Is On SALE!!!

In celebration of Our Happily Ever After releasing on Monday, the entire BAL series is on sale for only 99 cents each! If you don't have all the books, now is the time to get them!

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*Always is currently only available on Amazon. Remember that you don't have to have a Kindle to read Kindle ebooks. Learn how to read on various devices here.

What a CRAZY Year!!!

This year has been the wildest ever, but I've loved every second of it. I hope I have many more years like this to come because it's been absolutely wonderful.

Here's a recap.
  • I turned 19. 
  • I have attended three Penguins/Canes games and the Pens have won each one! 
  • Always released.
  • Mary Smith became my co-author! I met her in person and loved her even more! We started writing and finished the first draft in just two weeks. We've been writing ever since and have published two books in our trilogy, along with a novella. I can't wait to continue writing with her in the new year and see what amazing things are sure to come for us. Mary has become a best friend. After this year, I honestly I don't what I would do without her!
  • The fifth Bold as Love book was not only given a title and release date, but I finished it completely. I can't wait to share Our Happily Ever After with you on the 13th! The cover will reveal tomorrow!
  • I completed another semester of college and have been 99% anxiety-free. If you missed it, you can read my post on that here.
  • I also completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal to read 50 books! Woohoo! You can see all of those books on Goodreads, if you want to check them out.
In short, I've had an awesome year all the way around! 

I hope your year has been great as well and that 2014 will be even better for you and your family. Share a highlight of yours from 2013 in the comments! I would love to see it!

A Girl's Best Friend GIVEAWAY!

There won't be a Monday's Book Spotlight this week. Instead, we are having a giveaway! Below, you can find all the details about entering and winning.  If you have any questions at all, email me at lindsay_paige(AT)ymail(DOT)com with Giveaway Question as the subject.

The Prize:
One winner will win one of my six books in ebook format: Sweetness, I'm Yours, Whatever It Takes, Always, Don't Panic, or Breakaway.

To Enter:
-Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.
-You must be 13 years or older to enter.
-There is one mandatory question and a few ways to gain extra entries.

To Win:
-To be eligible to win, you must answer the mandatory question correctly. With a little searching, the answer can be found here on the blog, in past tweets, on Facebook, or on Pinterest.
-The winner will be contacted by email shortly after the giveaway ends. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email with which of the books listed above they would like and in which e-format. If I do not hear back from the winner when that time frame ends, I will choose another winner in their place.

The Mandatory Question is:
What is the name of my dog?

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For a limited time...

On Monday, Always released on Amazon. For a limited time, you can purchase the fourth installment in other e-formats on Smashwords. I'm unsure how long I'll keep it on Smashwords at this time, but I did want to give those who don't read on Kindle an opportunity to get a copy.

If you do miss the chance, please remember that you can download the Kindle app on many devices and read that way. You do not have to have a Kindle to read Kindle books.

It's Release Day!!

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did in Virginia. (Gas is $2.87 at one place!) I just got home, so that's why this is posting so late in the day.

Anyway, the news you've all been waiting to hear. Always has released! Right now, it's only available on Kindle. You can grab your copy here
Thanks to each and every one of you who has been patient with Jake and Emily's return. It's been a long year, but they are back! I've already started working on the next one and a good little portion of it is already done. If all goes well, I'm hoping to finish up the series by the end of 2014. 

I have a ton of other projects that I'm really excited to start, but I want to finish up their story first. There are some other books (besides theirs) that will be releasing over the course of the next year. The only others that I currently have planned and announced is the coauthored books, The Penalty Kill Trilogy. You can add the first book to your Goodreads here
Again, thank you for supporting me because you make a day like today so special and mean so much. I hope you enjoy the fourth installment! 

I'll leave by asking a favor. If you read Always, please leave a review on Amazon/Goodreads. It really means a lot and I love hearing what you think about my books! 

Have a great day, y'all! 

All About Nicknames

For whatever reason, I got to thinking about nicknames today. Over my nineteen years, I've gathered quite a few. Some have stuck, some haven't. Mostly depends on the person. Anyway, back to the point, I have noticed that I use nicknames in most of my books as well. That thought process led me to this post.

In the Bold as Love series, Jake calls Emily Sweetness or Sweets (as shown below in an excerpt from Always)

I'm in a light slumber when someone jumps on the bed. That someone is Jake.
Sweetness, wake up!”
I'm awake!” I grumble.
Sweets, guess what that phone call was about?”
Sweets? What the hell? Jake, I was almost asleep.”
I like Sweets. And I'm in an extremely good mood. Don't you want to know why?”

Mike will say honey and Emily will refer to Jake as love. For example of the latter, here's two more lines from Always:

When are we getting cable and internet, love?” she asks before even saying hello.
Yeah, when are we, love,” Drake teases.

Even in my new project with Mary, Levi will sometimes call Presley Smarty

Then I started wondering, do a lot of people use nicknames as much as I apparently do? I sometimes refer to the BFF with the nickname my sister somehow came up with: Angelitiki, pronounced An-gel-a-tiki. Mostly, I call her Ang, though. I'll call my sister Bobs and my other sister Bec. We'll shortened my brother's name to his initials. 

I have a list of nicknames for myself: Linds (only the BFF can get away with that one and that depends on my mood,) Lulu, Lindsay Lu, Lindsay Lulu, Eloise, Ellie, LP, and my full initials. My sister came up with the Eloise/Ellie combo after she watched Eloise At Christmas. I don't know why, but that's how that nickname came about.

The point of this mostly pointless post is that I wanted to ask a few questions: What nicknames do you have? Any you can't stand? Any unusual/funny/off the wall nicknames? Tell me all about it!

Always Cover Reveal, Teaser, & Giveaway!

I am beyond excited to share with you the cover for Always, the fourth installment of the Bold as Love series. Thanks to Damonza for designing my cover. Read all the way to the end because there is a teaser after the synopsis along with a giveaway.

Always (Bold as Love #4) is releasing July 22, 2013. 

The fourth installment of the Bold as Love series begins where Whatever It Takes ends. Battles are arising for Emily and Jake individually and together as a couple. It's time for these two to grow up and deal with their demons.

Emily will face her mother one last time and Jake's dream of playing in the NHL is within his grasp. It's essential that this couple stand united while traveling the roads together when one day alters their future forever.

After all, making a dream come true requires hard work and sacrifices.

Here is a teaser as well! View all the posted teasers either on Facebook or Pinterest.

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ALWAYS Has a Synopsis!

I finally knuckled down to the nitty gritty and wrote the synopsis for Always! If you haven't added it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads, here's the link. I hope you are as excited for this installment as I am! Keep an eye out for the cover reveal later this month.

Without further ado, the synopsis:

The fourth installment of the Bold as Love series begins where Whatever It Takes ends. Battles are arising for Emily and Jake individually and together as a couple. It's time for these two to grow up and deal with their demons.
Emily will face her mother one last time and Jake's dream of playing in the NHL is within his grasp. It's essential that this couple stand united while traveling the roads together when one day alters their future forever.
After all, making a dream come true requires hard work and sacrifices.

In case you missed it, here are two teasers that I shared this week. You can find them on the Bold As Love Series board on Pinterest. 

Next Top Project After Always?

In case y'all missed it, Always is in the stages of getting prepared for publication. I haven't declared a pub date yet because I still have a few things to finalize before I can make that decision.

What's in the works?

Whenever I need a break from the Top Project, I work on one of my various projects. You've heard about a few of them with my recent blog posts and boards on Pinterest. There's a WIP that dives into a dark side of anxiety, a love triangle project, a New Adult paranormal and a NA romance trilogy to give you a few ideas.

But what's the Top Project?

My next main focus is going to be the fifth book in the Bold as Love series. I don't want to take as long to get the next installment to you, but I can't promise anything. I'm hoping that I can get book five written over the summer. I'm really excited about that one and it's definitely a huge motivation.

Before I wrap this post up, I do want to thank all of my readers for the love, support, and patience. I can't wait to share Always with you all. Happy readings everyone!

A Sneak Peek Into My Mind

First, let me give you a little teaser to show you a bit of what was happening when this little conversation occurred.

How wrong would it be for me to be disappointed? I honestly expected him to be awake and waiting for me, ready to spend time with me before he leaves tomorrow. I thought we would stay up for a while and talk about everything and nothing. None of what we said would have mattered much because we were with each other and loving every second before he takes flight. Yet he was asleep and couldn't wake up enough to even kiss me goodnight. 

Then this happened:

Me: Jake, seriously. WTH is wrong with you right now? I honestly don't know what's happening from my thought process to my fingers on the keyboard. It's like you're taking over and writing yourself. Well, YOU'RE BEING AN ASS. Take THAT, Jake!

Jake: *looks on calmly* I'm part of your imagination, so technically, you are calling yourself an ass. 

Me: Take your hockey stick and shove it. But really? What's going on?

Jake: I don't feel like cooperating today.

Me: You realize that you acting out doesn't directly bother me, right? You're messing with Emily, not me. Do you want that?

Jake: No...


Jake: Why can't I be an ass every now and then? *says so like being an ass is a good thing*

Me: You know what comes next in this scene. Do you truly want to pick this instance to be a jackwad?

Jake: *his green eyes soften and he shakes his head slowly*

Me: That's what I thought. Now, get back out there and be the man I know you are.

Jake: *rolls his eyes, smiling, and I can see a little bit of Drake just then* Alright, alright. Let's get back to work so I can go be her man.