as a writer

Cliffhangers and Why I Love Them

I'm coming to you today to hear your thoughts on cliffhangers. Now, I can't ask for your opinion without sharing my own. Below, my thoughts are separated into two categories: As a reader and As a Writer. I do hope that you'll share your thoughts!

As A Reader:
I love cliffhangers. It enhances the story and leaves me dying for more. I'm not just talking about cliffhangers at the end of a novel, but at the end of chapters as well. It it's later and I decide that I'm only going to read one more chapter, which ends on a cliffhanger, do you know how badly I'm going to want to hurry up, fall asleep, and wake up to begin reading again? Do you know how hard it will be to fall asleep because I'm going to be thinking of what could happen next?

As a reader, I don't see a bad side to cliffhangers. They provide me an adrenaline rush of sorts that leaves me in a high. I become extremely giddy, waiting and wondering what will happen next. Sometimes, I wish there were more cliffhangers.


Because to see a story come to its end is tragic sometimes. I'm floating above air, feeling this amazing rush flood my veins, and I never want to come down.

However, when a series does come to an end and it ends on a cliffhanger, I'm so upset. Why? Because that leaves me wanting to know what happens next. I don't want to imagine it myself. I want to know. I want the author to tell me what comes next. That is my only issue with cliffhangers, even the slightest ones.

As a Writer:
I enjoy cliffhangers. If I can make myself want to find out what happens next, I can only imagine what I'm doing to the reader. Cliffhangers are a great tool for further engaging with readers and to leave them wanting more.

Do I plan cliffhangers?

No. If the story feels like it is coming to an end, then it does. Whether it is on a cliffhanger or not, I don't necessarily decide. It just happens for me.

What do you think of cliffhangers?