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Angels & Sirens Author Event Recap!

Wow. This past weekend was awesome! I'm going to start from the beginning. 

Friday, Mom and I headed to Raleigh because we were flying out of there this time. Our plane was smaller. There were two seats on one side and one seat on the other. The bad part comes when our seats were located on the very last aisle! It seemed bumpier, my ears popped more, it was louder, and I had a touch of motion sickness by the time we landed. I'm hoping I don't have to sit there again. It wasn't that fun.

We had a little time to relax once we checked into the hotel and then we were meeting up with authors Lisa B. Kamps, Samantha Wayland, Stephanie Kay, V.L. Locey, Melody Heck Gatto, Jaymee Jacobs, and a few readers to attend the Penguins/Lightning game. That was an absolute blast! Plus, it was a PengWIN! A get-together like that is something I definitely want to do again.

Saturday was the signing. It was great and it's always nice to meet readers! Thanks to everyone who came!! I also received a really cool bottle from the event organizers and on it is the first page of Back to Me. I love it so much! (There's a picture of it below.) The signing was held in a room at a casino, which was next to a racetrack for horses. We were able to see some horses running around when we took our group photo, so that was really cool since it was a first for me.

Afterward, there was a dinner and a mix and mingle. I got to hang out with the group from the game again and that was a blast. I haven't laughed so much in a long time! I really hope we can all get together again. It was too fun not to!

Friday, we flew home. I have to share one photo from that (it's the last one), which I took from the plane. We actually flew over our hotel. You can see the racetrack in the photo and the skinny white building on the left side is the hotel! How cool?! 

That's my recap! It was a fun event, made better by great readers and fellow authors. I can't wait until the next signing I attend (which is in Raleigh in August)!

Coming to TNVAE? Read this!

If you are attending the Tennessee Valley Author Event this Saturday in Knoxville, then I have a special surprise for you!

The first person to walk up to me and say the code word will be given a You Before Me swag pack. In case you don't remember, that includes all of these awesome You Before Me items: a signed paperback, a signed bookmark, a lip balm, a magnet, a Get Out of Jail Free card, a bath bomb, and a t-shirt!

All of it will be in a cute, little, convenient bag for the person who says the following code word to me first:

Code Word:

Not only because "bubbles" is an awesome word, but I think it's fitting considering all the bubble baths in this book. So there you have it! First person to come up to me at the event and say, "bubbles," will go home with a You Before Me swag pack! Write it down, pin it to your shirt, set up an event in your calendar with an email reminder, tattoo it on your hand, whatever you have to do to remember the code word! ;) 

Or you could like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter because I'll post a reminder there before the event as well. Good luck. :)