bowl cozies

Lindsay's (Mis)Adventures in Sewing & Quilting: Bowl Cozies

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It's been quite awhile since I posted about my latest (mis)adventures, but that's because this latest project was a secret. I was sewing Christmas presents! But since all have been delivered, I can now post about how things went.

So, as you learned from the title, this latest project was a bowl cozy. I learned about these from a group I'm in and instantly knew I had to at least make one for myself, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought my family and a few friends might enjoy one as well!


Here's what mine looks like. Bowl cozies are essentially hot pads for hot (or cold) bowls. Just plop a bowl in there and never fear burning or freezing your fingers off again! 

These were really fun to make and fairly easy! 

But this wouldn't be me if I didn't have a few issues.

For most of them, I used pre-cut fabric (layer cakes), but on one, I didn't. And I had to buy more fabric because I messed up while cutting the fabric.

I saw my seam ripper quite a few times, but I also broke two needles whiles making these gifts. *sniff sniff*

Everyone was pretty excited about their gifts and I have a little more experience under my belt now. I can definitely make these without looking at the pattern.

I'm calling this a success. Time to figure out what will be my first project of 2018!