Oh My Captain: Ashton Campbell

At last, we've reached the fourth captain, Ashton Campbell. This book was really fun to write and I think Mary will agree that the kids had us cracking up sometimes, like with this excerpt.

When we make it to the living room, I tell Reed to show Sadie where all the extra pillows and blankets are, so we can fix a makeshift campout on the floor for them. Lexie helps me get them situated before we take a seat on the couch behind them. I throw a blanket over us and reach over to hold Lexie’s hand under it. She smiles and interlocks our fingers. The previews seem to be taking forever, the current one featuring a talking baby in an animated movie, releasing soon.

Sadie looks back at Lexie and suddenly asks, "Mommy, can I have a brother? A girl at school said her mommy is giving her a brother, and I want one too."

Lexie glances at me, like I could help her out, but she’s on her own. "Um, I don't know,” she begins carefully. “I need to a daddy to help me have a baby, like I had your daddy to help me have you."

She doesn’t respond right away, which worries Lexie, judging by her anxious sneaky looks to me.

“Mr. Ashton is a daddy,” Sadie adds, glancing at me. “He could help you, Mommy. Please? I really want one.”

Lexie is mortified. I kind of am too. The poor kid doesn’t know what she’s really saying.

“Hey, could I have a brother too?” Reed perks up. “Are you and Mom going to give me a brother one day?” Oh, no. This just got worse. Reed turns to Sadie and grins like he has a bright idea before turning to me. “If you are a dad and Ms. Lexie is a mom, does that mean you could give me and Sadie both a brother?”

My mouth opens and closes numerous times, but I can’t manage to say anything.

"I…” Lexie tries before finally thinking of something. “Why do you two want a brother?"

"Our friend at school said she would have someone to play with all the time. I want someone to play with all the time,” Sadie explains.

“Me too,” Reed agrees.

“You already have that. You have each other because you’re best friends. Y’all play together all the time,” Lexie points out.

Sadie smiles at Reed. “Yeah, he is my best friend. I guess we don’t need a brother.” A movie about a dog previews next.

“What about a puppy?” Of course. “Could I have a puppy? A boy at school says he has a puppy and that they play fetch. I want a puppy too, Mommy.”

“If Sadie gets a puppy, I want one too, Dad.”

God, what is wrong with them? At least we’re moving the topic away from babies. “That’s something you better talk to your mom about, Reed.”

“Well, do I get one?” Sadie asks again.

“I don't know. A puppy is a lot of responsibility. Maybe we should think about a fish instead,” Lexie suggests.
Sadie’s eyes light up with excitement. “Like at the aquarium?! That sounds even better than a brother or a puppy! Can we get a fish?”

“Oh!” Reed exclaims. “Can I get a shark then?”

“No.” This conversation needs to end soon. Thankfully, the movie finally starts. “Be quiet, the movie is starting, and I don’t want to miss anything.” Running my thumb over Lexie’s knuckles, I lean over and whisper, “I’m thinking they should be homeschooled from now on.”
Our muse for Ashton is TJ Oshie, a player for the St. Louis Blues.  He seems to be a good guy, good player, and that fits the bill for Ashton.

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Oh My Captain: Carson Lee

First, it was Hudson King, then Brody Ross, and now, Carson Lee from the Oh Captain, My Captain series. Who can resist a bad boy? Carson Lee is more than meets the eye and Kinley Wright is the perfect chick to keep him in line.

As per usual, here's an excerpt before we get to the muse and giveaway!


"What do you mean ‘why’? I have the means to do so and the kids enjoy it. Why wouldn’t I?” Seems pretty simple to me.

"Have you looked in the mirror? You’re Carson Lee. You’re the bad-boy of hockey. Nowhere on your resume does it say, ‘good samaritan’.”

"That’s not who I am to them and there’s a reason it’s not on my resume.” Conversations like this for example. Who I normally am wouldn’t coincide with the guy who visits kids in hospitals anyway, so it’s good that no one knows. It’s no one’s business either. “I do something good, shouldn’t you be happy about that? Just smile and say, ‘That’s nice of you, Carson. I’m surprised, but it’s still nice.’ Or smile and keep your thoughts to yourself. That works too.” I try not to be snappy, in part because I do hope she’ll smile. So my voice is as nice and casual as I can make it. I even smile at her.

"If you’re trying to get me to smile, it’s not working. Although, I am surprised, didn’t think you had it in you. May I ask who Gracie is?”

"No,” I answer curtly.

"Oh, okay.” She drops the topic for a moment. “I’m still surprised that you have a good side.”

I shrug. “Well, I do.”

"And all this time I thought the only thing you did good was have sex with all of Alabama.”

"Good is a huge understatement when referring to sex with me. If good is all the women are saying, then I’m slacking,” I say seriously.

Kinley smiles and cracks up in a laugh but quickly covers her mouth.

"That’s one!” I point at her, grinning. “It should count for two since you laughed.”

She gazes at her drink before looking back at me. “You must have slipped something into my soda, and it’s one, not two.”

Our muse for Carson is Tyler Seguin. Seguin is a young hotshot player for the Dallas Stars and like Carson, he has tattoos. What's not to love?

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Oh My Captain: Brody Ross

Yesterday was about Looking for You, but today, I'm featuring A Hockey Player's Proposal from the Oh Captain, My Captain series.

How could I not love this couple when Selene has a dog named Bonkers?! I love Brody's brother and Selene's best friend, too. Not to mention, our muse for captain Brody Ross is sooooooo hot.

But first, here's an excerpt for you!

We begin opening boxes and I ask Brody where he wants his stuff, but he just shrugs and tells me to put most of it wherever it looks like it should go. So that’s what I do, setting things here and there. But when I pull out a photo album, I’m so, so, so tempted to look. The thought of cracking this open and seeing all the pictures inside is seducing me by the second as I stare at the plain black cover


I look up at the sound of Brody’s voice. Apparently, I’ve been idle for too long. “Sorry. Where would you like this?” I ask, holding it up for him to see, even though he’s standing in front of me, so he already knows what it is.

Brody slowly smiles. “You want to look, don’t you? Are you having to fight your stalker tendencies, Selene?”

"What? No. I don’t want to look. You’re enjoying this too much, you know.” I walk away from him with the album and set it on the shelf underneath his coffee table. Brody chuckles when I go back to unpacking, ignoring him in the process. We finish with the living room soon after and move to more boxes. I go to open the next one, but Brody places his hand on mine to stop me.

"I have to warn you.” He grins.


"This is all my hockey-related stuff and a few more photo albums. Sure you can handle that?”

I glare at him. “Go to your own boxes, Brody.”

He laughs, but he does go. The first box has two, thick photo albums in it. When I pick one of them up, a picture falls out. I retrieve it to see two of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen, balancing on a man’s shoulder, obviously their father. The heat from Brody’s body hits me as his breath tickles my neck before he speaks.

"You couldn’t resist, could you?” He laughs.

"Ha. Ha. Is this you and your brother?” I ask, even though I know it has to be.

"Yep. We were four, I think.”

"Y’all are so adorable.” I look from the picture up at Brody. “What happened to you?”

"What?” He takes the picture and walks around to the other side of the box so he’s standing in front of me. “Are you trying to say that I’m not adorable anymore?” He grins.

Nope. Not adorable. He’s downright gorgeous, especially with that smile. I snatch the picture from him, open the album, and stick it inside. “No, you’re not. All that hockey is actually working against you.” He laughs, like he knows I’m lying through my teeth.

Our muse for Brody is the captain of the Colorado Avalanche, Gabriel Landeskog. Like Brody, he's Swedish, has a twin, and both were young when they became captains.


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