funny commercials

Wanna Trade? Yes.

I've been so caught up in binge-watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix that I missed last week's post because I wasn't watching TV to find any funny commercials. While I'm in SOA withdrawals, I was able to find this week's funny commercial. Enjoy!

The title is a hint to my favorite part. They tell about how many more miles it gets than his cars, but when Jay asks, "Wanna trade?" That guy quickly nods, looks at one of Jay's cars, and says, "Yes." Cracks me up.

Until next time, happy reading!

Cracks Me Up Every Time

When I first saw this commercial, I just laughed. Then I saw it again and more closely noticed the US Cellular's employee's reaction after he says Uncle Sam is paying for it. Then I saw it again and saw his reaction once the man walks up and right before he goes to get the phone. It's hilarious to me. He's sort of still waiting for them to say that they are joking. Like I said, cracks me up every time. Just watch and see for yourself!

One of My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

We've all seen the Best Buds commercial, but I'm not sharing that one. I do love it though. Instead, I'm going with a funny one.

My two favorite parts are when the guy and girl are in the elevator and then the two men in the bathroom. When I saw those two parts, I busted out laughing throughout the rest of the commercial.

Share your favorite SuperBowl commercials as well!