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I have a fun surprise that I’d like to share with you today. I'm part of a giveaway with more than 30 fantastic hockey romance authors to give away ALL of those books above.

That huge collection of novels will go to 2 lucky winners, PLUS a Kindle Fire to the Grand Prize winner!  You can win my novel, Because It's You, plus books from authors like Sawyer Bennett and Kate Willoughby. 

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Four Year Anniversary & a Giveaway!

October is a huge month for me and I have a lot to be excited about. So why is October so great?

Well, there's hockey season. Enough said, right?

October marks my one year anniversary of moving into a place of my own. That's exciting and I'm so proud of myself for doing great this past year and growing up just a bit more.

However, there are two more big things about October.

While I didn't get Bartley until January of 2012, he was born October 15, 2011. My adorable little dog will turn four this year. It's such an awesome coincidence that October 15, 2011 is also when my very first book, Sweetness, released. So, not only is Bartley turning four, but my four year anniversary of this amazing adventure happens at the same time.

21 books later and I still can't believe I've been doing this for four years. Like how? This is insane. Four years seems like such a long time, but times has flown by, so it doesn't feel likes it's been a whopping four years since I started.

It's mind boggling, but amazing. I feel like I've come a long way and have made some great friends along the way.

Everything I have, everything I'm able to do, is all because I have wonderful readers who support me.  Thank you so, so, so, so much from the bottom of my heart. I hope y'all will stick with me for another four years.

I could go on and on about how grateful I am, but instead, I'll end things here. Here's a giveaway to celebrate, so be sure to enter.

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I Love Sarah Dessen - Top Five Favorite Quotes

One of my first favorite authors was Sarah Dessen. She is still a favorite all these years later. I was asked to participate in this tour by Joli from Actin' Up with Books and of course, I said yes! I'm going to share my experience meeting Sarah and top five of my favorite quotes from her books.

A couple of years ago, right around the time What Happened to Goodbye released, I dragged my mom with me to Raleigh for a signing and reading for Sarah Dessen and that book. I've been to a few signings/conventions and met a few authors, but this time with Sarah always stands out.

She was so nice, hilarious, and it made me love her books even more. Even my mom loved going because it was just that great. Last year at YALLFest, she spoke at one of their events, and that was amazing too. My point here is if you ever have the chance to meet her, go to a signing or event where she will be there, do it!

Now for the quotes!

This was way harder than I thought it would be. Somehow, I managed to do it though. Please excuse any accidental miswordings. In no particular order, here are my top five favorite quotes from Sarah Dessen's books:

“No relationship is perfect, ever. There are always some ways you have to bend, to compromise, to give something up in order to gain something greater...The love we have for each other is bigger than these small differences. And that's the key. It's like a big pie chart, and the love in a relationship has to be the biggest piece. Love can make up for a lot.” - This Lullaby 

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” - The Truth About Forever

“My point is, there are a lot of people in the world. No one ever sees everything the same way you do; it just doesn't happen. So when you find one person who gets a couple of things, especially if they're important ones... you might as well hold on to them. You know?” - Lock and Key

“I don't believe in failure, because simply by saying you've failed, you've admitted you attempted. And anyone who attempts is not a failure. Those who truly fail in my eyes are the ones who never try at all. The ones who sit on the couch and whine and moan and wait for the world to change for them.” - Keeping the Moon

“What is family? They were the people who claimed you. In good, in bad, in parts or in whole, they were the ones who showed up, who stayed in there, regardless. It wasn't just about blood relations or shared chromosomes, but something wider, bigger. We had many families over time. Our family of origin, the family we created, and the groups you moved through while all of this was happening: friends, lovers, sometimes even strangers. None of them perfect, and we couldn't expect them to be. You can't make any one person your world. The trick was to take what each could give you and build your world from it.” - Lock and Key

Do you have a favorite quote?

That's all for me! Be sure to enter this awesome giveaway and check out the rest of the tour! Thanks for including me, Joli!

- Heather, The Turning Pages - Meeting Sarah 
- Joli, Actin' Up with Books - Someone Like You, How to Deal movie tie-in
- Heather, The Turning Pages - Saint Anything Review
June 8 - Kristalyn, The Sarcastic Palmtree - a review
June 11 - Stephanie, Ohana Reads - a review

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Oh My Captain: Ashton Campbell

At last, we've reached the fourth captain, Ashton Campbell. This book was really fun to write and I think Mary will agree that the kids had us cracking up sometimes, like with this excerpt.

When we make it to the living room, I tell Reed to show Sadie where all the extra pillows and blankets are, so we can fix a makeshift campout on the floor for them. Lexie helps me get them situated before we take a seat on the couch behind them. I throw a blanket over us and reach over to hold Lexie’s hand under it. She smiles and interlocks our fingers. The previews seem to be taking forever, the current one featuring a talking baby in an animated movie, releasing soon.

Sadie looks back at Lexie and suddenly asks, "Mommy, can I have a brother? A girl at school said her mommy is giving her a brother, and I want one too."

Lexie glances at me, like I could help her out, but she’s on her own. "Um, I don't know,” she begins carefully. “I need to a daddy to help me have a baby, like I had your daddy to help me have you."

She doesn’t respond right away, which worries Lexie, judging by her anxious sneaky looks to me.

“Mr. Ashton is a daddy,” Sadie adds, glancing at me. “He could help you, Mommy. Please? I really want one.”

Lexie is mortified. I kind of am too. The poor kid doesn’t know what she’s really saying.

“Hey, could I have a brother too?” Reed perks up. “Are you and Mom going to give me a brother one day?” Oh, no. This just got worse. Reed turns to Sadie and grins like he has a bright idea before turning to me. “If you are a dad and Ms. Lexie is a mom, does that mean you could give me and Sadie both a brother?”

My mouth opens and closes numerous times, but I can’t manage to say anything.

"I…” Lexie tries before finally thinking of something. “Why do you two want a brother?"

"Our friend at school said she would have someone to play with all the time. I want someone to play with all the time,” Sadie explains.

“Me too,” Reed agrees.

“You already have that. You have each other because you’re best friends. Y’all play together all the time,” Lexie points out.

Sadie smiles at Reed. “Yeah, he is my best friend. I guess we don’t need a brother.” A movie about a dog previews next.

“What about a puppy?” Of course. “Could I have a puppy? A boy at school says he has a puppy and that they play fetch. I want a puppy too, Mommy.”

“If Sadie gets a puppy, I want one too, Dad.”

God, what is wrong with them? At least we’re moving the topic away from babies. “That’s something you better talk to your mom about, Reed.”

“Well, do I get one?” Sadie asks again.

“I don't know. A puppy is a lot of responsibility. Maybe we should think about a fish instead,” Lexie suggests.
Sadie’s eyes light up with excitement. “Like at the aquarium?! That sounds even better than a brother or a puppy! Can we get a fish?”

“Oh!” Reed exclaims. “Can I get a shark then?”

“No.” This conversation needs to end soon. Thankfully, the movie finally starts. “Be quiet, the movie is starting, and I don’t want to miss anything.” Running my thumb over Lexie’s knuckles, I lean over and whisper, “I’m thinking they should be homeschooled from now on.”
Our muse for Ashton is TJ Oshie, a player for the St. Louis Blues.  He seems to be a good guy, good player, and that fits the bill for Ashton.

Be sure to add the series on Goodreads and enter the giveaway below! Good luck!
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Oh My Captain: Brody Ross

Yesterday was about Looking for You, but today, I'm featuring A Hockey Player's Proposal from the Oh Captain, My Captain series.

How could I not love this couple when Selene has a dog named Bonkers?! I love Brody's brother and Selene's best friend, too. Not to mention, our muse for captain Brody Ross is sooooooo hot.

But first, here's an excerpt for you!

We begin opening boxes and I ask Brody where he wants his stuff, but he just shrugs and tells me to put most of it wherever it looks like it should go. So that’s what I do, setting things here and there. But when I pull out a photo album, I’m so, so, so tempted to look. The thought of cracking this open and seeing all the pictures inside is seducing me by the second as I stare at the plain black cover


I look up at the sound of Brody’s voice. Apparently, I’ve been idle for too long. “Sorry. Where would you like this?” I ask, holding it up for him to see, even though he’s standing in front of me, so he already knows what it is.

Brody slowly smiles. “You want to look, don’t you? Are you having to fight your stalker tendencies, Selene?”

"What? No. I don’t want to look. You’re enjoying this too much, you know.” I walk away from him with the album and set it on the shelf underneath his coffee table. Brody chuckles when I go back to unpacking, ignoring him in the process. We finish with the living room soon after and move to more boxes. I go to open the next one, but Brody places his hand on mine to stop me.

"I have to warn you.” He grins.


"This is all my hockey-related stuff and a few more photo albums. Sure you can handle that?”

I glare at him. “Go to your own boxes, Brody.”

He laughs, but he does go. The first box has two, thick photo albums in it. When I pick one of them up, a picture falls out. I retrieve it to see two of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen, balancing on a man’s shoulder, obviously their father. The heat from Brody’s body hits me as his breath tickles my neck before he speaks.

"You couldn’t resist, could you?” He laughs.

"Ha. Ha. Is this you and your brother?” I ask, even though I know it has to be.

"Yep. We were four, I think.”

"Y’all are so adorable.” I look from the picture up at Brody. “What happened to you?”

"What?” He takes the picture and walks around to the other side of the box so he’s standing in front of me. “Are you trying to say that I’m not adorable anymore?” He grins.

Nope. Not adorable. He’s downright gorgeous, especially with that smile. I snatch the picture from him, open the album, and stick it inside. “No, you’re not. All that hockey is actually working against you.” He laughs, like he knows I’m lying through my teeth.

Our muse for Brody is the captain of the Colorado Avalanche, Gabriel Landeskog. Like Brody, he's Swedish, has a twin, and both were young when they became captains.


Be sure to check out the series on Goodreads, add A Hockey Player's Proposal to your to-read shelf, and enter the series giveaway!

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Captain King, Teaser, Giveaway, oh my!

This week is all about the Oh Captain, My Captain series. You may or may not know who our muses are for the captains. Therefore, this week, I'll be sharing that, some teasers, and a giveaway, of course! If you haven't figured it out by the title, today we're venturing back to Looking for You.

I like to consider Hudson and Ellie our sweet couple, so I've included one of my favorite tidbits.

“This is my favorite thing about this place. I love to sit on the porch,” Ellie says, resting her chin on my shoulder as she looks at me. 
“Really? So if you’re not in a good mood, I should make you sit out here with me so you will feel better?” 
She smiles and nods. “Mhm. Thank you so much for the dress and everything. I still can’t believe you did that.” 
Angling myself towards her better, I kiss her softly and rest my forehead against hers. “It was my pleasure, Ellie.” 
Her eyes search mine for a moment. I catch myself wondering what she’s thinking, what does she see, and what she’s searching for? Before she can say anything, I push her hair behind her ear, my hand staying tangled in her hair at the base of her neck and mumble, “You’re gorgeous.” 
My eyes keep jumping between her mouth and her eyes. 
Faintly, Ellie says, “What are you waiting for?” The corner of her mouth lifts a little into a smile. 
“You,” I answer before pressing my lips to hers.

Photo from Carolina Hurricanes Pinterest
On to the muse!

Captain Hudson King took on a few similar traits from our muse, Nathan Gerbe. Gerbe plays for the Carolina Hurricanes and is the shortest player in the NHL at 5 feet, 5 inches. (Thus, where Hudson gets his height from, although he's a bit taller.) Gerbe doesn't back down and we liked that about him.

Check out the series on Goodreads, add Looking for You on Goodreads, and enter for a chance to win ebooks from the series below.

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Nepenthe - Fun Fact 2

Day two of fun facts! Go here to read the first one. This FF has a great little story behind it.

A year ago, Kristalyn of the blog, The Sarcastic Palmtree, followed me on Twitter. A few months later, there was a tweet about YALLFest and about wanting to go. We ended up deciding to go together.

From there, our friendship grew.

As I've said before, writing this book made me nervous. So nervous, that I wasn't going to write it.

If you read Nepenthe, then you know this book is dedicated to Kristalyn and she's got a hunk of my acknowledgments.

I asked her if she would want to critique the chapters as I wrote them. She said yes. With every chapter, I sent her an email. While she read it and constructed her own emails in return, I was writing the next chapter. We did this throughout the book, molding it to be the best it can be.

This was the first time I've done something like this and it was such a fun experience. Not only did I get back helpful feedback, but I gained a best friend.

Thanks again, Kristalyn!

Come back tomorrow for another fun fact. In the mean time, you can enter a giveaway to win ebooks from the Bracing for Love series!
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Nepenthe - Fun Fact 1

Hey, y'all! Finally, I've gotten all the Nepenthe fun facts done and ready to share. There are five in total and I'll be sharing one per day along with a little more detail about each fun fact.

So, let's get started!

I have 30 WIPs saved and I'm only currently focusing on three. Some of these are two years old. I'll start and then stop, finding another story that is actually ready to be told, or one that is way better than what I started.

Most of these will never see the light of day, but I keep them in case pieces of what has been written can work in another story.

Hence, this fun fact.

When I started writing Corey's book, I knew when along Bracing the Blue Line's timeline I wanted it to start. I first had to think what could happen, what sort of mindset he would need to be in, for his siblings to pay him a visit.

*insert light bulb flashing over my head*

I remembered the beginning of another story I started that would fit perfectly. After a little altering to better fit Corey and his story, I had the beginning of a first chapter.

There you have it! That's our first fun fact. Come back tomorrow, same time, same place, for the next one!

Check out this giveaway where you can enter to win ebooks from the Bracing for Love series!
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BRACE yourself! The guys are taking over.

This week is all about the Bracing for Love series. These books were my first tackling the all-male POV, either with three as in Bracing the Blue Line or just one as with Nepenthe. It's been fun and challenging to write these books and I look forward to possibly exploring more of the characters.

I'll be sharing my favorite BtBL teasers on Facebook and then here on the blog, I'll be posting fun facts for Nepenthe!

And of course, there's a giveaway too. :)
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All about the Penalty Kill!


This week is all about the Penalty Kill trilogy I wrote with Mary Smith. It was our first series together and we had a blast writing them. It's hard to believe that with our anniversary this year, we've only been writing together for two years. Two years and eight books. It's crazy talk!

Anyway, we loved these characters and still think about them from time to time. I'll be posting more this week (either here or on Facebook) about this trilogy, so stay tuned!

Levi Carr is captain of the Roxboro University Lions hockey team. His rival is James Wayne University and their captain, Trevor McCarthy. After an incident in high school and his mother’s death, Levi does whatever he can to make McCarthy’s life a little harder. When leaving the rivaling campus one night, Levi meets one person who can unknowingly help him mess with McCarthy. 
My one job in this is to mess with McCarthy’s head and all it has done is mess with mine.  
Presley McCarthy lives in the shadow of her twin brother, Trevor. After being separated when their parents divorced, all Presley heard about was Levi Carr being a bully to Trevor. Now in college, Presley is trying to be her own person, but when she meets Levi Carr, it all changes. But will the changes be good or bad? 
He is nothing like my brother described. Maybe I’ve been wrong all along.

You can follow this link to learn more about each individual book. Be sure to add the trilogy on Goodreads, too. Plus, Breakaway is free! If you haven't snagged it, I have no clue what you're waiting for! You can check out the series on Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Kobo, or Smashwords.

And, here's a giveaway! :)
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Let's Celebrate!

I have a big birthday this month and I want to celebrate with you! Each week, I'm going to focus on a series, hopefully share some fun stuff, and have giveaways, of course!

This week is all about the Bold as Love series.

Sweetness was my debut book, so it's exciting to take a moment and go back to the beginning. Sweetness is the first of five in the completed series. Jake and Emily begin the series in high school and we follow along through college and the years after. I started writing this couple as a way to escape my anxiety, which at the time was uncontrollable and the worst it’s ever been.

At the suggestion from a friend, I began my journey with self-publishing. Three years later, thanks to Jake and Emily and their story, I’m still going strong and loving every minute of what they’ve brought into my life.

So, that’s a little background.

Here's what Sweetness is about:
Emily wished she was invisible. But after moving to a new town with her dad, a charming boy makes it impossible for her to disappear. Despite her feelings of unworthiness, Emily soon finds herself drawn to the safety of Jake's world.

Good looking and the star of the hockey team, Jake has a lot going for him. What most people don't see is the difficult life he has at home. When quiet Emily steals his heart, Jake vows to help her discover she is worthy of love.

Just when the two of them realize the sweetness of their relationship, they are put to the test. Only together can they overcome their haunted pasts to fight for a future together.

You can follow this link to learn more about each individual book. Add the series on Goodreads. And in case you didn't know, Sweetness is free! Be sure to grab it if you haven't already! You can check out the series on AmazoniBooksB&NKobo, or Smashwords.

Be sure you enter the giveaway for chances to win the complete series in ebooks or any one ebook from the series!

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Want Free Swag?

I'm "winter cleaning" my swag, and I have some I'd like to give away to you! I have a limited number of each item and they will be given away on a first come first serve basis. Please read the entire post to be fully aware of how I'm doing this.

What's up for grabs? (in order of quantity, highest to lowest)
- Signed Sweetness bookmarks
- You Before Me's Get Out of Jail Free cards
- You Before Me magnets
- Sweetness keychains

You must provide your first and last name as well as your mailing address. Otherwise, you won't receive the swag.

You may request more than one item.

Once the I'm out of an item, I'll update this post to reflect that (by doing a strikethrough) and make a note of it in the form. Once I'm out, I'm out and the item is gone forever.

I will mail internationally as well!

To submit your request to receive the free swag, fill out this form.

If you have any questions, just send me an email at authorlindsaypaige(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

Happy Birthday, Ryan! (And a giveaway!)

As promised, I'm bringing you a giveaway to celebrate Ryan's birthday. Ryan is the leading lady from You Before Me in case you don't know. Also as promised, this giveaway is open internationally. So my international readers that have been waiting for the chance, this is the time!

Up for grabs: 2 YBM swag packs, and a bunch of my ebooks.

This is the second-to-last chance to win a YBM swag pack, so you better enter! I'm saving the very last one for something big. ;)

The swag pack is shown on the left, which includes: a signed paperback, a signed bookmark, a lip balm, a YBM magnet, a YBM Get Out of Jail Free card (which relates directly to a scene in the book), a bath bomb, and a YBM t-shirt!

Good luck! Be sure to keep scrolling because there's an excerpt as well!

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Here's an excerpt from You Before Me in Gabe's POV on Ryan's birthday! Gabe is on the job with his partner, Fredrick, when they see Ryan and her best friend, Vivian, drunk and walking down the sidewalk.

Woah, hey, Ryan.” She clumsily wraps her arms around me.
Best present ever!” she yells into my ear. Ryan sloppily kisses my neck. “You coming home with us?”
Is that where you're going?”
Yep! Well, we can't find my car, and we know we don't need to drive, so we were going to sleep there. See? Drunk but smart, Gabe!”
Fredrick and I will take you home. Come on. Fredrick, help her please,” I say, referring to Vivian.
Should we be doing this?” he asks skeptically.
Help her,” I snap. He isn't about to question me right now. Ryan's hands start to wander down my chest as she mumbles something about missing me. “Ryan,” I tell her softly, grabbing her hands. “We need to walk.”
Always a downer. Damn goody-good. Let's walk then!”
Once I wrap an arm tightly around her waist, it's like Ryan gives up. She leans into me completely and lets me lead her to the car. We get them both into the back seat, Ryan mumbling to Viv about her birthday. Surely, it's not her birthday. For one, she is drunk on Halloween, so maybe she's just wanting it to be her birthday. Wouldn't she have told me that today is her birthday? I could have tried harder to get off work to do something with her or bought her something had I known before right this second.
As we head to her apartment, the mumbles cease. I glance in my rearview mirror to see that they are leaning on each other, asleep. Great. It's going to be fun getting them up those stairs and into the apartment.
I'm, uh, sorry about what I said,” Fredrick tells me.
Don't worry about it. Just help me get them up to her apartment when we get there, and I'll forget you ever said it.”
When we get to the complex, I wonder what Ryan was talking about. Her car is here, so they didn't drive downtown. She wouldn't have ever found her car because it wasn't there. What trouble would they have gotten into if we hadn't have seen her?
Fredrick helps me wake them up enough to get them out of the car. He walks behind me with Viv as we go up to her place.
So sweet,” Ryan whispers.
You owe me,” I tell her, although she probably won't remember tomorrow. “Is today really your birthday?” I can't help but ask.
Yes. That's what I said, Gabe.” She laughs softly. “Funny, right? I was born on Halloween and I'm my parents' worst nightmare. How fitting.” Ryan starts giggling like it's actually funny.
It kills me when she says things like that, but I know what she means. I've seen it firsthand. I want to ask her why she didn't tell me about her birthday. Instead, I ask where her key is as we reach her door. She reaches into her bra and I remember how she did that when that prick had her up against her door that one night.
Safest place,” she says, handing it to me.
I hold her against me and unlock the door. “Fredrick, we're just going to lay them in her bed and then we're leaving.”
You know,” Ryan starts. “I could have fucked four different guys tonight. Four.”
I clench my jaw as we get the girls into bed. “Oh yeah?”
Yep. But I didn't,” she sings, shaking a finger at me. “I'm supposed to be behaving, and I would have felt bad. Because of you, Gabe. Are you mad?”
We pull the covers over them. They look ridiculous in their costumes while they lay in bed. Viv has already passed out. Fredrick leaves wordlessly.
No, I'm not mad,” I answer.
I didn't tell you about my birthday. Are you mad about that?” Ryan squints her eyes, pulling her brows together as she frowns, looking worried over the possibility that I might be upset with her.
I lean down and kiss her forehead. “No, not mad. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?”
She nods, already drifting to sleep.

Thank you!

If you somehow missed it, Bracing the Blue Line released Saturday! And today, I want to thank everyone for their support, excitement, and love for this book!

Because of y'all, BtBL is doing fantastic. On Amazon, in particular, it has been in the Top 100 in Sports Romance since release day and in the Top 25 in Hot New Releases in Sports Romance since yesterday. That's pretty amazing!

So, thank you! Thanks to those who have left a review so far as well! If you haven't yet, please considering leaving an honest review. It makes my world go round! :)

I'm very happy that my guys are doing well and that readers seem to be enjoying them. BtBL is my favorite that I've written so far and it'll always have a special place in my heart. I'm glad I decided to do something risky for me (all male POV & 3 POVs) because it's working out!

I would like to do another book like this in the future, maybe with a different sport, but no promises! I'm really enjoying the male POV though. My next solo release, which will be in early 2015, will be told in the male POV, but of only one character. So, hopefully, you enjoyed reading this book and the male POV because there will be a few more at least. (If you like the duel, no worries! I have an WIP waiting to be worked on that is a duel POV.)

Before I go, I do want to let you know about a few things.

Price of BtBL will go up to $3.99 on Sunday, October 5, 2014. If you haven't bought it yet (at $2.99), do it now while it's on sale! Here are the links for Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.

There's currently a giveaway going on for a BtBL swag pack, plus $20 worth of gift cards, plus other fun swag and some ebooks! Check it out and enter here.

Also, I'll be making an announcement in the October newsletter! To hear the news first, be sure to sign up!

Again, thanks so much, y'all! <3

You Before Me Swag Pack Giveaway

Today is my first day of school. Why not have a giveaway to celebrate my first day of my last semester of my two-year degree? It only makes sense! This is open only to US residents who are 13 years of age or older. As I said before, my international readers will get a chance to win a You Before Me swag pack, just not with this particular giveaway. They are coming, though! I promise.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions below before entering. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions: Participants confirm they are 13 years of age or older by entering this giveaway. This giveaway is only open to participants with a US mailing address. There will be one winner and the winner will receive a You Before Me swag pack, which includes the following items: a signed paperback, a signed book mark, a bath bomb, and YBM Get Out of Jail Free card, a lip balm, a magnet, and a t-shirt (size Large). Winner will be contacted soon after the giveaway ends by Lindsay Paige and will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in his/her place. Lindsay Paige has the right to end this giveaway at any time without any notice, is not responsible for items lost in mail transit, and has complete discretion to operate this giveaway as she deems fit.

Let's play: Guess That Title! (A Giveaway)

This Saturday, I’m announcing some info on the next book. I’m so excited and so tempted to just tell you everything right this minute.

But patience is a good thing to have, right?


Therefore, we’re waiting. In the meantime, what I will do is give you the first letter of each word in the title. What I want you to do is come up with a title with those letters in the order I present them. You could try to guess the title based on what you know so far, or you can think of something funny with it, whatever. Just create a title(s) with it.

To make it even more fun, I’ll throw in an e-ARC of the book to one person who comments. I’ll announce the winner when I reveal the title and all that jazz.

Here are the letters: B t B L

Good luck! Be sure to read the fine print below for the rules/guidelines/etc!

-You must be 13 years of age or older to enter.
-You must use the letters in a title in the order they are given.
-You must comment on this post for your entry to be eligible. You can list as many titles as you wish, but they must be in one comment, which serves as each person’s only entry.
-If you are one of my beta readers, you are not allowed to enter.
-If you are one of the few that do know the title, you are not allowed to comment with the title.
-Once a winner is announced, said winner will have the following 48 hours to email me or another winner will be chosen.
-Winner will not receive the e-ARC until August 1st or later. (Only adding the "or later" in case something comes up and it's not ready by then.)
-I have the right to end this giveaway at any time without any notice. I have the complete discretion to operate this giveaway as I deem fit.

YOU BEFORE ME Swag Pack Giveaway!

I created a swag pack for You Before Me, but I only have a limited number. I gave one away to one of my newsletter subscribers who receive my release day emails and now, it's time to give away another one!

So what's included in this swag pack? Well, I'm glad you asked!

It includes a: Signed paperback, signed bookmark, lip balm, YBM magnet, a YBM Get Out of Jail Free card (which relates directly to a scene in the book), a bath bomb, and a YBM t-shirt (size large)!

I want to take a moment to say a special thanks to the Etsy shops where I ordered the lip balms and bath bombs from. The products look great! So thank you to Lakeside Lip Balms and Kiss A Prince Handcrafted Soap and Bath Products. Go check them out sometime. 

This giveaway is open only to residents of the US. (I will have an international one at some point, so don't worry!) Please read the full terms and conditions below before entering for any other stipulations. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Terms and conditions:
Participants confirm they are 13 years of age or older by entering this giveaway. This giveaway is open to United States residents only. There will be one winner and the winner will receive the You Before Me swag pack as listed above. Winner will be contacted soon after the giveaway ends by Lindsay Paige and will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in his/her place. Lindsay Paige has the right to end this giveaway at any time without any notice and has complete discretion to operate this giveaway as she deems fit.

My Birthday = Awesome Things for You!

Today, I turn 20. I’ve been thinking about it for months now, and it’s finally here. My main thought is that I can’t believe I’m 20 already! I was so excited about turning 18, and now I’m hitting a new milestone. I’m sure you don’t want to hear me go on and on about this, so I’ll just get to the good stuff.

First, I would like to tell you a little more about my characters in one of my WIPs. I just wrapped up two rounds of revisions and soon, it'll go back to my betas. I actually really enjoyed revisions and it's because I love these characters so much.

A few weeks ago, I shared a little about them. I’m going to elaborate today. Well, I’m going to share what my super duper, fantastic, totally wonderful beta readers said about this pair. I asked them to describe Ryan, Gabe, and their story. Here is what they said:

“Ryan is emotionally distraught, independent and yet through it all, she is strong.

Gabe is kind hearted, self confident and goal oriented. He's the guy who will be there to save you... in every way a person can be saved.

Their story is tangled, dramatic and delightful. I feel that together they are strong but their story weaves in and out of their own personal struggles to live up to their families expectations. In the end, they know they can only move forward by working together because together they can do anything.”


“Ryan is broken, brilliant, and bodacious. Gabe is steady, committed, and strong. The story is complex, emotional, and fulfilling.”

How excited are you about this WIP now? Hmm? Because I’m freaking excited! I want to jump up and down, go stand at the top of a mountain, and scream about this WIP. That’s how much I love it. Be sure to keep a watch here for more information. If you want some of that information first, sign up for my newsletter. Subscribers will be the first to know!

One more thing...

The date is 2/20 and I’m turning 20. There’s a lot of twos in there. And because of that, this day of celebration, and finishing the first draft of the final book in The Penalty Kill Trilogy, two lucky winners will win a signed copy of these two books!

The Fine Print: Open internationally. Giveaway ends February 28, 2014. There is one mandatory entry, which is to provide your mailing address. All the rest are extra entries.

Each winner will receive one signed paperback of Breakaway and one signed paperback of Off the Ice. By entering, participants are confirming that they are 13 years of age or older. Winners will be notified by email shortly after the giveaway has ended and the winners are picked. I will ship the books to the winners within five weeks of the giveaway ending. Good luck, everyone!

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Name the Next Duo Contest!

I'm about to start one of my next projects and I'd like to involve y'all in the process! You've helped me choose names before on Facebook, but I've picked the names beforehand. This time, we're changing it up a little bit and I'm making it a contest!

If you have any questions, please send me an email: lindsay_paige(AT)mail(DOT)com

Here's How It Will Work:
I will tell you 3 letters that the girl names should start with and 3 letters the boy names should start with. The names you submit must start with those letters. There will be a slot in the form for each one. There will also be a place where you can submit an additional boy and girl name that doesn't have to start with any particular letter. Therefore, you can submit up to 8 names. You do not have to submit that many. It can be however many you'd like, but you must submit at least one name to be entered into the contest.

The Letters:
Please provide girl name(s) that start with the letter(s): H, M, and/or T.

Please provide boy name(s) that start with the letter(s): N, S, and/or W.

Submit Your Names:
You submit names in this form.

What If Your Submission Is Chosen:
Winner(s) will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card as well as a mention in the acknowledgements of the first book.

Contest Ends:
January 29, 2014 at noon EST.

Terms and Conditions:
You must be 13 years of age or older to enter. Contest can end at any time without any prior notice. Winner(s) will be picked at the discretion and to the liking of Lindsay Paige based on their submissions. If she doesn't find names she wishes to use in this project, then no winner will be chosen. Up to two winners could be chosen. Winner(s) will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card as well as a mention in the acknowledgements of the first book. Their name will appear in acknowledgements as it was submitted in the form.