hot air balloon

Carolina Book Fest Recap

Let me start by saying I am so not a pack-the-day-before person. I forgot my banner, my brand new book stand, and my business cards. Usually, I start packing about 5 days beforehand and I have a list. This hurricane and staying at my grandma's for a little bit totally threw me off my game. But I didn't forget any books or bookmarks or clothes, so the important items got there!

Okay, we can move on now! :)

I've been so excited about returning to Charlotte, mostly because my good friend Kristalyn lives there! Going to Charlotte means I get to see her! So, I recruited her to be my assistant for the signing, which meant we hung out the entire time! It was awesome! 

The signing was also awesome! I love signings because you get to meet other authors and readers and that's the best part! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table and bought a book! <3 I snagged a few books and some business cards for myself, so I can buy some more now that I'm home. ;)

I also got to meet and have dinner with Catherine Gayle! :D EEK! She's awesome and it was a ton of fun. It was great to finally meet her. I got to see a few other authors again, so that was great. I always wish there was more time for hanging out, but it was still good to catch up with old friends!

So, basically, this trip was freaking awesome. I always have a good time when I come to Charlotte and this time was no different. We went to a few different places to eat - all fantastic. Y'all know I like to eat out when I go somewhere. We didn't make it to any places that were on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, but I did have fried pickles, so it all worked out!

Plus! I got to see a hot air balloon on the way home! Below are a few pictures if you'd like to check them out!