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Teasers for ALWAYS!

For those of you not on Facebook or Pinterest, I thought I would share here all of the teasers* for Always in one spot! I have the image teasers along with little snippets to share as well! Hope you enjoy these!

*Please note that ALWAYS is still under revisions and edits and there is a chance that the teaser may not be included as stated in the photo in the final version.

I'm in a light slumber when someone jumps on the bed. That someone is Jake.
Sweetness, wake up!”
I'm awake!” I grumble.
Sweets, guess what that phone call was about?”
Sweets? What the hell? Jake, I was almost asleep.”
I like Sweets. And I'm in an extremely good mood. Don't you want to know why?”


When are we getting cable and internet, love?” she asks before even saying hello.
Yeah, when are we, love,” Drake teases.


This place is buzzing with anticipation as everyone waits for the procession to begin. I don't know why, but I'm extremely edgy. My mindset feels like we're here for this wonderful day and something is going to ruin it. Shatter the picture that will forever remain in our hearts. The picture that should be entirely perfect.
This is the day that will forever change our lives. This is the day that we will remember always. Then why am I dreading it?


Daddy,” I start, keeping my voice sugary sweet.
Don't go there with me, Emily. I won't allow it.”


The hotel room starts to get the feel of a bunch of chickens running around with their head cut off as everyone continues to get ready. Mostly Emily though. She didn't want to dirty up her dress so she's wearing pajamas for now. As it gets closer to the time for us to leave, she comes to pass me to go into the bathroom to change. I catch her by the elbow.
Sweetness, relax.”
Her eyes dart back and forth between mine before she lets out a flutter of breath. “Sorry. I'm just a little nervous.”
Everything's going to be fine. It's a good day, remember?”
Sweetness nods in affirmation and I kiss her forehead before releasing her elbow. 

ALWAYS Has a Synopsis!

I finally knuckled down to the nitty gritty and wrote the synopsis for Always! If you haven't added it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads, here's the link. I hope you are as excited for this installment as I am! Keep an eye out for the cover reveal later this month.

Without further ado, the synopsis:

The fourth installment of the Bold as Love series begins where Whatever It Takes ends. Battles are arising for Emily and Jake individually and together as a couple. It's time for these two to grow up and deal with their demons.
Emily will face her mother one last time and Jake's dream of playing in the NHL is within his grasp. It's essential that this couple stand united while traveling the roads together when one day alters their future forever.
After all, making a dream come true requires hard work and sacrifices.

In case you missed it, here are two teasers that I shared this week. You can find them on the Bold As Love Series board on Pinterest.