new series

WIP Progress Report

- Title: Untitled
- Genre: New Adult Romance
- Word Count/Goal: 33,410/80,000
- Release Date: Early 2018? Maybe.
- Series? Yes. Book 1 of new series. 

Yes, you read all of the above correctly.

No, I'm not working on a Carolina Rebels book. 

Yes, I'm going back to NA.

Yes, it's a new series.

What else can I tell you? Well, the female main character? Her name is Kayla. She's pretty awesome. The male? I can't tell you his name because you may have met him already in another book. I am telling my readers in Lindsay's League next week who he is, and they'll be the first to know. 

I can tell you that I'm having so much fun with these two. I'm so happy I decided to go on this new adventure with this new series. (And don't worry Carolina Rebels fans, I haven't abandoned that series at all!) 

The main point of this progress report is to let you know that I've started a new project/series. I don't want to say too much just yet since it is in the early stages, but I can say that I've worked it in such a way that there is loads of possibilities available. I don't know about you, but that makes me squeal with excitement! 

The future looks brighter than ever and I'm so excited for it! 

As y'all know, I'm always juggling multiple projects, so read on for more updates.

Other Projects:
- A Carolina Rebels WIP is with betas.

- One WIP (a secret project) is on hold because I keep getting caught up in the current WIP.

- The first secret project is with betas and eventually, I'll have my plan finalized for this.

WIP Progress Report (#10)

To recap, these "progress reports" are basically a way for y'all to know a little more about what I'm working on and to be able to follow along with the process. The main update will be on my current WIP, but at the end, there will be quick updates on other projects. 



Making Me Sane (Sanity, #2)

- Genre:

 New Adult Romance w/ Anxiety/Depression 

- Release Date:

 Tentatively, the summer of 2016

- Series? 

Will be book 2 of 2.

Y'all. This book is DONE. Well, the first draft is complete. I've been working so hard this past week to finish this book on time, and I've finished a few days early! I'm so excited about all the things that happen to Brittany and Trace in this book. I can't wait to share this couple with you. I just love them so much!

I've updated the word count box on the left and noted my new primary WIP! My next WIP is Noah and Meredith's book, the first in my upcoming hockey romance series featuring players on the Carolina Rebels team. I'm super excited about that series. I'll be start it as soon as I get back from my Alaskan cruise. It's going to be so nice to have a break before more work starts. I'm leaving my computer at home. I'll be without my phone and internet and it should be great! The only electronic device I'll be using is my Kindle, which is really for the traveling to and from Seattle, where we're actually leaving from.

I just had to make a post about finishing this book. Next step is to send it to my betas before revisions, edits, and formatting. I'm hoping to release it shortly after 

Driving Me Mad

 releases on July 6th, so y'all don't have to wait too long to see what happens next. :)

Other Projects:

Mary and I will be spending the next few months getting the final three books in

The Ninth Inning series

ready for release.

That's all for now. Happy reading!

Wanna Know Our Secret?

If you've read the end of Tainted, then you already know. If you haven't yet, then get excited because we sure are!

Mary Smith and I have been working out hearts out on our next project and because we're teases, we kept calling it our secret project. We weren't sure what we were going to do after OCMC, but we knew we wanted to keep working together.

So, we decided to try something new.

There will be nine books in this series, broken up into seasons. We'll release them sort of like the OCMC, one a month, but there will be a break between seasons.

The first three will begin releasing this fall.

EEKK! Who else is excited? I am! I love our guys. Hope you're as excited as we are about our new adventure! We'll be announcing more information soon. :)

Oh Captain, My Captain Series Announcement!

Today, Mary Smith and I would like to share with you the first book in our new series and how the series will be released. If you follow Mary or me on Facebook, then you know that last month, we asked our fans to tell us how they wanted us to release the Oh Captain, My Captain series.

You told us.
We listened.
One book released every month for the first four books.

Starting in October, we’re kicking off the start of a new hockey season with the start of our new series. In case you don’t remember, this will be an Adult Sports Romance series where each book is a standalone. The series will follow various captains in the NHL, who lead teams that we’ve created. Each captain gets one book, which can be read in any particular order.

That said, let’s get to the first book, Looking for You.

Oh Captain, My Captain presents Hudson King of the Portland Vikings.

Hudson King loves his job and his family. His life is missing that someone special, and he’s ready to settle down. He has the bad luck of only finding women who want him for his money and fame. If only he could meet someone who didn’t know him by his profession...

Ellie Sullivan has had a hard life. It’s revolved around her family, and then her career, leading her to never have a real relationship. One night, in Portland, Ellie strikes up a conversation with a guy at a bar, not knowing that it was the Hudson King... 

After several dates, Hudson is able to avoid Ellie figuring out what is really happening in his life. However, the secret can’t remain hidden. Will Ellie stay with Hudson after she discovers his lie? Or will Hudson lose the girl he’s been looking for?

Add this October 9, 2014 release to your to-read shelf on Goodreads! You’ll learn the title, exact November release date, and blurb for the next book at the end of this book. We hope you’re as excited as we are!