I Use "Um" Instead of Names

I don't know why or how I came to realize this, but here's a post where you can learn something about me that you didn't know. When I'm around people that I've just met or that I'm not around all the time, I avoid saying their name. I will start my sentence with "um" to keep from saying their name. Why? Well, I have this irrational fear that I may either say the wrong name or mispronounce the name. It's crazy, I know, but it doesn't stop me from doing it.

For example, my BFF has been my BFF for almost 11 years. I've never said her grandparents name in front of her grandparents or to her grandparents. Being friends for 11 years means that I've been around her family quite a bit, especially with how I almost always go with her to visit them. It never fails though. I'll say their name or her and the rest of her family, but if I have to ask them a question or anything, I'll say, "Um, can I...?"

Yes, I know what their name is. Yes, I can easily pronounce it. No, I won't say their name out loud around them. I even do this for a period of time when I get new teachers. It's weird, right? I worry about the oddest things, I swear. There are a couple of other stuff that I have weird reactions too, but I won't get into that today. One admission is good for now, don't you think?

That's my story on how I use "um" instead of names. Do you have irrational, seemingly silly fears? Do you have a way of getting around it? Let's hear it!

10 Random Facts about me

Today, I'm sharing 10 very random facts about myself. Enjoy!

1. When my future husband proposes, I hope he buys the ring from Jared's because thanks to those commercials, I've always wanted to hold my hand up and say, "He went to Jared's!!!"

2. I love riding in the car alone. Most people (that I know) rather have a riding buddy. Me? I rather be alone because when my favorite song comes on, I don't have someone turning it down so they can tell me something. They never wait until the song is over. That's the main reason why I like driving alone.

3. I am homebound due to my anxiety issues.

4. If you look at my room, you may see chaos. I see an organized mess.

5. I love quotes. It's always a good day when I find a quote to add to my list on Goodreads.

6. Sometimes when I'm tweeting, I feel as if it's only because it's my way of talking to myself without appearing weird.

7. I've been an aunt since I was five years old.

8. I've been on a 9 day trip to Costa Rica.

9. While shots/drawing blood doesn't bother me mentally, I'll faint anyway.

10. I really, really, really want to go to England.