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It's time to learn about the next book!

Today is the day, y'all. I already shared a little about the guys' book in this blog post and now, I'm about to tell you the title and release date! For the fun of it, why don't I go ahead and share the synopsis too?! Just for you, I'm stepping out of my comfort zone for the sake of spicing things up (AKA not doing a regular blog post). 

So, let's all take a deep, calming breath and watch this vlog.

Go to the page for this book to read the description and be sure to add it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads.

Quick note for my newsletter subscribers: I accidentally put the incorrect date in July's newsletter. Disregard that date, because September 27th is the correct one. 

Thanks for stopping by! We can all excitedly wait together for release day to come. :)

My Next Release & Teaser Tuesday!

Today is a BIG day and I’m glad you’re here with me. I have some angry butterflies in my stomach right now, and I’m only announcing a few details! I’m so very excited though. You’re probably thinking, “Excited about what?!”

My next book, of course!

I’m about to announce the title and the release date!

But first! I must tell you something.

Do you remember that poll where I wanted you to pick a number and I promised that “you’ll learn why later!” Well, later is now. I picked those numbers as possible release dates for this book. All I knew was the month I wanted it to release and about which week. I put a date range in and then got those four numbers. So I figured I should let y’all in on the action and have YOU choose the actual date.

And y’all chose 21.

Now, let’s get back to this title business. This is for Ryan and Gabe’s book, a New Adult Romance stand-alone. You can learn more about them here in case you missed my birthday post.

On June 21, 2014, you will meet Ryan and Gabe in You Before Me. I’m crazy excited about this book and I hope you are too. Go ahead and add it to your TBR on Goodreads. I'll share the description with y'all soon.

However, if you are a subscriber of my monthly newsletter, then you’ll be able to read that on April 1st when I send out the next issue. If you haven’t signed up yet, learn more and subscribe here.

Before I go, I'll share two small teasers, one from each POV.

Ryan's POV:
He gives me the vibe of a pure, 100 percent good guy. Maybe it's that stupid girl in me, but it makes me a little wary. There has to be a kink in his shiny exterior. It's so the stupid girl talking, trying to rationalize it because guys can't simply be good.

Gabe's POV:
As our night dies down and we head to back to her place, Ryan becomes a dangerously enticing woman, slowly luring me in. There are the simple touches like her hand high on my thigh as I drive with those fingers of hers trailing a carefree pattern. There's her laugh, which is ridiculously sexy. It's almost as if she knows just the exact laugh that will turn a guy on. And then the tempting, dirty words she seemingly casually throws out about what could come.
By the time we make it up the stairs and stand outside Ryan's apartment door, I've been captured. My mind and body are capable of thinking of only one thing. She's lets go of my hand to unlock her door, but she doesn't push it open. Instead, she turns, leans against her door, and tugs me towards her with a sexy, sly smile. My chest is flush against hers, my hands clutching her hips. A fog officially clouds my mind as my senses zone in on her lips and this killer body. I don't even get the opportunity to be the one to lean into her first because Ryan does it.

That’s all for today, folks! Stay tuned for their Pinterest board to be unveiled later this month.