Driving Me Mad

Sanity #1

He was my therapist. 

She was my client. 

He’s the person I lean on and turn to. 

She’s the person who brings me relief when there seems to be none. 

He makes me smile and laugh when anxiety and depression consume me. 

She helps me breathe when depression is choking me. 

I don't know how to live without him. 

I don't know how to be honest with her. 

Are we driving each other mad?

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What I love most about Lindsay Paige is that she takes such delicate care and compassion with her stories. I love Lindsay’s way of writing about mental health issues in a way that is simple and meaningful to the distressing nature of anxiety and depression, which is often internalized. ... Her writing is comforting and really captures the struggle of coping with anxiety and depression within a romantic relationship.
— Chelsy on Goodreads
I can’t imagine how horrible that is but during some of her attacks I could feel the pressure on my chest. I could feel the wanting to be sick and just wanted to close the book so I would not have to deal with her. So I would stop reading and within about five to ten minutes I would start reading again because I needed to know what was happening.
— Sunny on Goodreads